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Doctor Monica Bonitatis-Desiderio (Doctor Bones) is a former collegiate athlete and a current pediatric and orthopedic research-informed Physical Therapist. She is a certified MPM coach for the mental game. Despite accumulating several academic and athletic awards over the years, Monica's most cherished title was received in 2022: “Mama.” Driven by a zest for well-being and helping others, her commitment extends to all wellness dimensions which reflects a genuine devotion to comprehensive care.

Monica, a 2014 graduate of Ursinus College, earned her degree in Exercise & Sport Science with Cum Laude honors. While earning All-American Scholar-Athlete recognition in softball, she delved deeper into the world of well-being and language, minoring in Human Performance Assessment, Wellness Education, and Spanish. Her research journey began as she took on the title of the first undergraduate lab research assistant in The HEART laboratory, examining the effects of lifestyle modifications on hypertension and endothelial function. Monica’s research team specifically explored the effects of exercise and diet on both college athletes and the general population. Monica's passion for well-being led her to Rutgers University, where she earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017. As a doctoral student, she had the privilege of joining a research team exploring the impact of animal-assisted therapy on individuals with special needs, further expanding her understanding of innovative approaches to well-being beyond traditional treatment methods.

Fueled by her academic, athletic, and professional experiences, Doctor Bones' passion for well-being was redefined by motherhood. Her vision is no longer just about research papers and treatment plans; it's about creating a future where everyone can thrive. The goal at The Wellness Bones is for student-athletes to find a nurturing space to build physical, mental, emotional, and social strength, growing into multifaceted individuals. Aligned with this mission is the TWB foundation, a nonprofit organization whose vision is dedicated to ensuring all student-athletes have the resources they need to do so. The TWB foundation works hand-in-hand with The Wellness Bones by shattering financial barriers and promoting inclusivity in this pursuit.

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